“Every great leader has two key qualities – they know where they are going and they are able to get others to go along.”

OMI has a set of tools and professional consultants that can help you more clearly and quickly define your future state organization, whether you’re dealing with a merger integration, a new project or system introduction or completely new organizational vision. Target Environment Definition.

It has been said that “in the absence of followers a ‘leader’ is just a guy on a hike.” OMI can help an individual leader through our executive and leadership coaching processes to more effectively influence others, or we can provide leadership and management direction on an organizational basis. Leadership Development.

Often an organization must execute multiple steps in order to move from the current structure to the structure required in the target operating environment. Aligning the current organization in such a way as to allow management focus at lower levels, may yield significant benefits through the transition from current environment to target. OMI’s organizational design consultants can help you define and organize to optimize management effort. Focused Alignment.