Change Leadership is about communications, trust and credibility, and enlistment. These matter more than HR policy, project plan execution and other support tools.

Momentum is the sum of mass and speed. In transforming an organization it is important to understand how significant the change event is (mass) and how quickly you need for the transformation to occur (speed). The larger the change or the quicker the need for transformation, the greater the effort required to accomplish it. Through the years of leading transformations, OMI has developed a toolkit to help your organization assess the change requirement and ensure the proper level of planning and commitment. Change Assessment and Planning.

To successfully navigate major transformations, leaders have to emotionally engage their followers in their journey. This requires communicating on multiple levels – communicating for understanding, commitment, and engagement. OMI staff can help you develop and execute a communication strategy designed to capture the personal energy of your staff. Communicating for Engagement.

Companies often spend great sums of money on new systems, products, etc., yet neglect the single most important aspect of success in transformation – its people and their ability to operate in the new environment. Your staff needs to be prepared to perform in the transformed environment. OMI staff has led the staff preparedness components of many of North America’s most significant transformations. Our training and performance processes can help ensure your transition success. Our partner firms provide unique capabilities. Staff Preparedness.