Organizational Momentum International is a management consulting firm specializing in helping companies more quickly accomplish their target performance levels. The senior leaders in OMI have all managed significant organizations through transformations, and understand the challenges of leading change activities to prepare for tomorrow while managing today’s production.

By partnering with, participating in, and leading for many of the companies recognized as North America’s premier change management firms, OMI has developed a set of processes and tools to help organizational leaders and managers accelerate their organization’s movement toward its objectives. OMI’s consulting services fall into four categories:

Accelerating Vision

  • Target Environment Definition
  • Leadership Development
  • Focused Alignment

Accelerating Excellence

  • Benchmarking
  • Best Practice Definition
  • Service Engineering
  • Brand Engineering

Accelerating Transformation

  • Change Assessment and Planning
  • Communicating for Engagement
  • Staff Preparedness

Accelerating Projects

  • Phase 0 Excellence
  • The 4D Project Method
  •  Project Management Services

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