“When someone describes your company or products as neither low-cost nor differentiated, think about how long you will be working there,” is a great quote from Richard Moran’s book, Cancel the Meetings, Keep the Doughnuts. If your company (or division or unit or self) doesn’t excel in a distinguishable way your future is limited.

In the increasingly global marketplace, your products and services are compared to those of direct competitors, but also to similar companies and sometimes even to completely unrelated businesses. These sometimes unconscious decision factors drive purchasing decisions on your products. A similar comparison of operating performance can help you identify opportunities to improve costs, productivity, quality, timeliness, and other factors, which can give you a competitive advantage. Our relations with many of North America’s premier companies and access to comparative information can help you identify opportunities to excel. Benchmarking.

Variation is the enemy of excellence. Analyzing variation in individual performance within your company can uncover great opportunity for improvement, and defining the best of these internal practices can yield a ‘high-performance’ model. Similar comparisons to peer organizations can further leverage your performance. Best Practice Definition.

“Make Their Day” is one of the principles of the Pike Place fish mongers (as captured in the Lundin, Paul and Christienson book, FISH). Do your service processes yield “Make Their Day” levels of service or do your processes encumber services (or as in many companies highly restrict service recovery). OMI’s engineering team can help you deliver service excellence. Service Engineering.

“The Quality Goes in Before the Name Goes On” is the once proud slogan of a major American manufacturer. Unfortunately, their name was tainted by their true quality performance, being outstripped in customer ratings for several years by superior quality producers. Their engineering didn’t match their branding. Faster, easier, more complete, and other values are often stated in branding messages. OMI’s engineering tools can help align your processes to your brand messages, yielding customer experiences that are consistent with your brand. Brand Engineering.