Ministry Momentum was formed in 2009 when Craig Clonts, of Organizational Momentum and Donna Chisam, of D-P Chisam Consulting and co-author of Architecture for Hiring, finalized a partnership agreement and began collaborative work. Organizational Momentum’s deep understanding of process management in business environments is now brought to bear in ministry. Have you ever thought about your ministry’s “process” for things like ‘assimilation’ – how you move a guest from a casual observer to a regular participant to a committed ministry contributor?…or your “process” for developing and managing small groups? Consider Ministry Momentum’s support to help you improve the effectiveness of the “processes” that drive your ministry.

Ministry Momentum has completed its 2014 edition of the Salary Survey for Large Southern Baptist Churches, the most comprehensive compensation study available for large churches. Detailed compensation information is available for churches in four size categories based on worship attendance – (700 – 1,049; 1,050 – 1,799; 1,800 – 2,999; and 3,000+).  Copies are now available for $450 and can be ordered by contacting Dani Thomas at

Also, consider using Ministry Momentum for assistance in building Ministry Action Plans; creating performance development and evaluation processes; conducting exercises and evaluation processes to improve teamwork and team results; facilitating staff reassignment or staff recruiting – these are all areas where Ministry Momentum has assisted large evangelical ministries.

2014 Salary and Benefit Survey for Large Southern Baptist Churches Now Available
08/01/2014 –

The 2014 Salary and Benefit Survey for Large Southern Baptist Churches is now available.  If you would like to order your copy, simply email Dani ( or call (803) 547-6998.